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Our team KiND would like to introduce you to our new blog. We think it is the perfect time to start sharing with you all the news, new recipes or our cooking videos here. We believe there is no better way to share all these things than writing a blog. We hope you will all enjoy reading it as much we enjoy cooking for you.

But first, let’s introduce ourselves. Few things about our company. KiND Nutrition was born at the beginning of this year as an idea of a more sustainable food brand available for everyone. And what do we mean by saying sustainable brand? We always want to be honest with our costumers and when we say our brand is 100% environmentally friendly, we mean it! If something isn’t good for our planet, it is probably not good for us too. Therefore, starting with biodegradable packaging made from plants to environmentally friendly labels and ink and 100% renewable energy we prepare our dishes whilst reducing our carbon footprint. There is not one single solution, but we believe every single step towards the right direction matters. Undeniably there is still a huge amount of work to be done by all of us to maintain and save our environment, but our company is one of many.

We believe everyone can take small steps and work together towards a better future. When we started our business, we made a choice to use a little bit more expensive, sustainable packaging because we are focused on building a sustainable brand and be honest with our customers, not only thinking about the profit.

A significant number of meal prep companies still use plastic packaging unfortunately, which let’s be honest, will never get recycled and end up on the landfill. We knew this option would never work for KiND. But packaging is not the only aspect that makes our brand sustainable. We aim for zero food waste; therefore, all our meals are cooked to order and any leftovers are enjoyed by the rest of the team 😊. We also made sure that our energy supplier can deliver 100% renewable energy to our kitchen.

We are just two months on the market, but we dream big! We plan to provide nationwide delivery by January, as we had many messages from people asking us to deliver further than Darlington. We are very excited for what the future has in store for use and we hope we will inspire people to make a change for a better future!

With love and kind wishes,

From all of us at KiND!

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