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Parmo is definitely Teesside's pride dish! Originated in Middlesbrough by an American, who was brought to the United Kingdom during WWII. Eventually, he opened a restaurant and sold his first Parmo in 1958!

So what is this tasty original 'guilty' dish made of?

First, a breaded chicken fillet or pork, topped with white béchamel sauce and lots of mouth-watering cheese...Feeling hungry yet?

Last year, Parmo ranked on the 20th place at Britain's Top 20 favourite takeaways list. However, a large Parmo served with chips and salad contains up to 2600 kcal and 150g of fat! No wonder why it has been described as a "monstrous" cheat meal by a leading obesity campaigner. If you choose to eat it every Sunday, let's say as a hangover treat (admit it we've all been there), you really would have to be an Olympic athlete to not see any effect on your body afterwards.

After your countless requests to "veganise" this famous North Eastern dish, we decided to give it a try. Your wish is our command! And off to the Kind Nutrition Kitchen we go!

Instead of chicken, we used our homemade seitan. There are many seitan recipes online but we chose to use one with wheat gluten, tofu and jackfruit. First, we dipped pieces of seitan in a mixture of oat milk and flour and coated them into breadcrumbs. Because we boujee we added a mixture of chicken seasoning herbs for extra taste. Then, we fried the seitan pieces until crispy in extra virgin olive oil. For the vegan béchamel sauce we basically used 3 ingredients. First, we melted vegan butter, added flour and lastly a cup of plant-based milk. The sauce is ready when you can see the desired creamy consistency that tickles your tastebuds. If you like nutmeg flavour you can add a pinch to your sauce.

We placed the "fillets" into the oven pan, topped with our béchamel sauce and sprinkled grated vegan cheese on top. Patiently waited until the cheese melted and served it with chips and our signature BBQ Coleslaw. Guaranteed Chicken Parmo pleasure with half of the calories intake! 👌


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