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Snacks for Your New Year's Eve Party!

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

When you plan to prepare party dishes, the basic question is whether it will be a party with guests sitted on the table or rather standing, only snacking with the fingers. This will define on what vegan snacks you could prepare. This year, most of us will have a more relaxed meeting with family when you can sit down, eat something warm, drink wine and chat.

The best option would be something baked, such as stuffed mushrooms, tomatoes or peppers. But if you only go to the table and eat with your hands, then the perfect snacks that can be easily eaten standing without the use of cutlery is a finger food. For New Year's Eve Party, ideally is to prepare both dishes, to be eaten at the table on plates and something for one bite.

1. Classic vegan pizza in mini version The first thing that comes to mind is a vegan pizza. Delicious, simple and classic. It will work as a larger pizza to be cut and eaten on a plate with rockets and basil, poured with good olive oil, as well as a finger food snack, i.e. pizza cut into small pieces. Melted Applewood Vegan Smoky Cheese on top is a secret weapon! Tastes best with wheat gluten base or gluten-free base from chickpea flour.

2. Stuffed vegetables or mushrooms Stuffed vegetables and mushrooms are great ideas for a hot dish. If your party takes place at the table, bake large portobello mushrooms stuffed with mediterranean veggies (diced onion, zucchini, eggplant and garlic) and vegan cheese on top. You can make small mushrooms in the form of cold appetisers. Bake them in the oven with vegan cheese or vegan cheese-flavoured sauce, add garlic. After they are baked, sprinkle the top with basil and parsley. In the middle stick a toothpick and serve delicious vegan finger tips! You can do the same with pieces of paprika. These are delicious vegan snacks for the party! And gluten free by the way too.

3. Bruschetta, a toast with tomatoes and basil Bruschetta is a toast made of bread with olive oil and pressed garlic. You can buy ready bruschetta from wheat (gluten) or buckwheat (gluten-free) baguette. You can serve it with sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil, fresh cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. You can add grated vegan cheese on top.

4. Falafels perfect for any occasion Falafels from chickpeas are another idea that works every time you make a party, because everyone loves falafel! Ideally served with herbs and hummus. It is also perfect as a snack for one bite. It is very nutritious and healthy finger food. If you don't have time to do it short before the party, you can buy ready Falafel Mix from BOSH with all natural ingredients.

5. Wraps for one bite Another idea is to make mini wraps. You can spread the tortilla wrap with a green pesto or basil hummus, add scrambled tofu, soya mince meat and cutted veggies of your choice. Then roll them up, cut them into several pieces and stick a toothpick. Such mini wraps can also be made sweet - just spread them with vegan chocolate cream or tahini, put a banana slice, pour melted dark chocolate on top and stick a toothpick. They are delicious!

6. Breaded tofu fingers Do you like tofu? Cut tofu into thick sticks, marinate them with herbs, garlic and olive oil, then sauté in breadcrumbs. Coat them with oat flour, yeast flakes and salt and fry on both sides. You can serve tofu sticks with a cheese-flavoured sauce or a spicy sriracha.

Whatever you decide to prepare for your party, remember to have fun in the kitchen and enjoy the time with your family.

Have a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and cheers to a better 2021!

Happy New Year from KiND Nutrition Team 🥂

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